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PickUp & Care Instructions

Pickup will be in Desert Shores Summerlin - Lakemead in between Rampart & Buffalo

Exact address is located on your invoice 

Please arrive at your scheduled time. If you suspect delays let me know ASAP my schedule is not very flexible so you will need to be on time not early or late. 


When you arrive please park and text the name on the order to the number provided in the email with payment info.

I will bring your order out to your vehicle and place it on the passenger side floor.

At this time I do not allow anyone to my door. Please respect my family's privacy. 


I am not responsible for anything that happens to your order in transport.

Please follow these simple instructions to ensure your cakes make it home or to your venue safely:


  • Your AC should be on full blast on the way over to ensure the car is cold enough by the time you arrive. In the warmer months it is extremely important to arrive with the car ICE COLD so your cake does not melt or bubble at the sides (this can happen from temperature changes). In the colder months you will need to make sure that the heat is OFF both on the way over and during transport. 

  • You should have a clear space on the front passenger floor for your cakes and treats with nothing on the seat above them.

  • Your cakes are safest on the floor with the AC blowing on them NOT ON SOMEONES LAP.

  • It is strongly discouraged to bring someone to hold the cake or have them sitting in the seat above it. Again, your cakes are safest on the front passenger floor. 

  • Please make sure that I am your last stop. Even with the car running if you make stops after pickup your cake and decor can and will melt. 

  • Please drive carefully, cakes can shift and slide during transport so take extra care when rounding corners, stopping or driving at high speeds.

  • It is not recommended to have your cake out of refrigeration more than 30-45min  prior to serving. ​

  • If your venue is outdoors it needs to be served immediately after taken out of refrigeration. 

  • Any leftover portions should be refrigerated or frozen for later consumption. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I need to reschedule?

I understand that schedules change and things happen. If you find yourself needing to reschedule please email me at least 7 days in advance for a full credit towards a future date or towards your next order minus any décor that was already purchased. If you are unable to give me 7 days notice you will receive a partial credit towards your next order and 50% will be retained for the cost of the materials already purchased and the time slot that was reserved for you.


Do you deliver?

 Yes! Deliveries within the 215 beltway are $35 and $55 outside 

Hotel/Casino/Restaurant deliveries are $50

Large cakes and wedding deliveries requiring setup start at $100 and go up from there depending on date and length of time


What does cruelty free mean?

It means that no living thing was harmed in the process of making your cake and treats. I only use ethically sourced all natural plant-based ingredients. I do not compromise on this. No dairy or eggs will ever be used in any of my recipes and all other ingredients have been checked and certified clean meaning no shellac, bone char or confectioners glaze which are all very common ingredients in baked goods that contain animal products or bugs. From my sugar to my sprinkles every ingredient is 100% plantbased. 


Cakes should not be cut like pies! Think of your cake like a grid and follow the guide above to get the maximum number of servings out of your cakes. 3 & 4 layer cake slices can be cut in half from the middle layer to yield double the amount of servings.

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